Use CNC Foam Cutting, 3D printers and CNC Routers to build RC Airplanes

If you are looking to build RC airplanes using affordable CNC machines then you’re in the right place. Here is where you can find all the information you need.  Plans, cutting lists and recommended parts to build CNC foam cutters, 3D printing and CNC routers

I’ve built several airplanes using these CNC machines to make fuselages, wings and those hard-to-source parts you can make with a 3D printer. I’ve printed several 3d printed planes now check them out here

CNC Software is one of the biggest challenges and can be expensive too. I’ve spent many hours researching and testing free and paid CNC software. You can if you check out some of my posts spend very little or nothing at all.  I cover Mach3, LinuxCNC, Profili2 Pro, DevFus Foam, DevWing Foam 2, GRBL HotWire Mega 5X, Openbuilds Cam and JediCut

My eBook is a How-To on building your own DIY Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter machine which you can make some unique and unforgettable models. It’s not that expensive when you consider the price of models. You don’t have to crash too many big EDF foamies to recover the costs and it’s a real buzz flying your own design.

Plans are now $3.00 and the ebook is free.

I’ve also built a CNC router with a kit I purchased from Ooznest to make parts for my builds.  Recently converted this to USB and adapted it to run a CNC needle cutter. 3d printers are very handy for those parts you can’t buy anymore.  This was the case for a propeller spinner on my Focke Wulf 190A, so I made one, challenging but very rewarding

How to build a CNC Foam Cutter

My latest CNC Foam Cutter key features:-

  • Runs on modern computers/laptops using the USB interface
  • Uses cheaper NEMA17 stepper motors but NEMA23 can still be used
  • I’ve reduced the cost by using 3d-printer controllers and stepper motors and a more lightweight design
  • Includes improvement from several years of foam cutting
  • The new free eBook is completely rewritten with detailed plans, there is a small charge for the plans ($3.00)
  • Free control software to run the foam cutter. (Windows only)
  • Run without a PC using Marlin firmware
  • Now supports grblHAL as well a grbl-Mega-5X

Check out the builder’s gallery to see machines fellow hobbyists have made some are identical to this one. All are amazing and can still use the free CNC software free from this site.

USB CNC Foam Cutter
USB Foam Cutter