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t45 goshawk
GosHawk Foam Parts

If you are looking to build your own aeroplanes using affordable DIY CNC machines then you’re in the right place. Here is where you can find all the information you need.  Plans, cutting lists and recommended parts to build CNC foam cutters and CNC routers with a little bit of 3D printing as well.

I’ve built several aeroplanes using these CNC machines to make fuselages, wings and those hard to source parts you can make with a 3D printer.

I just enjoy building and still use more traditional methods as well. Check out my Mig29 Park Jet and I have an F18 in progress as well. Simple, cheap and a real buzz to fly.

CNC Software is one of the biggest challenges and can be expensive too. I’ve spent many hours searching out and testing free and paid CNC software. You can if you check out some of my posts spend very little or nothing at all.  I cover Mach3, LinuxCNC, Profili2 Pro, DevFus Foam, DevWing Foam 2, GRBL HotWire Mega 5X and JediCut

My eBook is a How-To on building your own DIY Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter machine which you can make some unique and amazing models. It’s not that expensive when you consider the prices of models. You don’t have to crash too many big EDF foamies to recover the costs and it’s a real buzz flying your own design.

I’ve also built a CNC router with a kit I purchased from Ooznest to make parts for my builds.  3d printers are very handy for those parts you can’t buy any more.  This was the case for a propeller spinner on my Focke Wulf 190A, so I made one, challenging but very rewarding

The USB CNC Foam Cutter

My latest CNC Foam Cutter key features:-

  • Runs on modern computers/laptops using the USB interface
  • Uses cheaper NEMA17 stepper motors but NEMA23 can still be used
  • I’ve reduced the cost by using 3d-printer controllers and stepper motors and a more lightweight design
  • Includes improvement from several years of foam cutting
  • New free eBook completely rewritten with detailed plans, there is a small charge for the plans.
  • Free control software to run the foam cutter. (Windows only)
USB CNC Foam Cutter
USB Foam Cutter

3d Printed RC Model Aircraft

I’ve been wanting to try a Radio Controlled 3d printed model aircraft for a while and when we had a spell of bad weather and I couldn’t fly I decided to try building one. I use many 3d printed parts … Continued
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mig29 foamboard parts

PDF Plans to G-code

One of the challenges with any CNC machine is generating g-code.  Most foam board plans are PDF’s which need to be converted to g-code to send to a CNC machine. You can use this process for CNC routers, laser and … Continued
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cnc needle cutter

How to cut foam with a CNC needle cutter

In the post, I’ll explain how I built my CNC Needle Cutter to cut foam board for RC aeroplanes.  If you’ve made any foam board RC aeroplanes you know there is a lot of cutting. I wanted a better method … Continued
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ptera wing

Ptera Flying Wing Build

The Ptera Flying Wing is my first attempt to build a forward-swept wing. After doing much research on the internet and looking at a lot of similar designs I made a start. The inspiration for the design came from one … Continued
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MKS Gen L V 2.1 Board for CNC Foam Cutting

Can I use the MKS Gen L V 2.1 board instead of the V 1.0? This is a question I get quite often. So this post will answer that question. Also applies to the V2.0 board as well. The answer … Continued
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mks external drivers clone

Converting my CNC Router to a USB controller

My CNC router used a parallel port interface for several years. This is how I converted it to a USB interface to use on more modern computers. I hadn’t been using my CNC Router very much mainly because the CNC … Continued
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fusion 360 foam cut parts

Fusion 360 for 4 axis CNC Foam Cutters

For some time I’ve been wondering if I could use Fusion 360 to generate g-code for a 4 axis hot wire foam cutting. Unfortunately, AutoDesk doesn’t include foam cutting in the Manufacturing section. I’ve had a request in the AutoDesk … Continued
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OX Router Mach3

OpenBuilds OX DIY CNC router from Ooznest

This is the build log of the OpenBuilds OX CNC router from Ooznest. Having already built a Hot Wire CNC foam cutter I got the bug to build a CNC router.   After a lot of research, I decided to buy … Continued
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How to get a good Kerf Setting for CNC Foam

What is the Kerf? Kerf is defined as the width of material that is removed by a cutting process. So in our case it’s the amount of foam melted by the hot wire. To get accurate parts we need to know … Continued
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G-code generation software to make foam wings

You’ve built your 4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter and now you need some software to generate g-code for that foam wing or fuselage. If you can afford it then buying software may be the way to go. DevWing Foam 2 … Continued
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wing g-code

LinuxCNC for 4 Axis CNC Foam Cutters

You’ve built your 4 axis CNC Foam Cutter and now you need some software to send the g-codes to hotwire cut your foam wing or fuselage. LinuxCNC is a very capable piece of software to send g-code to your foam … Continued
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Troubleshooting the Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter

You’ve just built your Hot Wire CNC foam cutter or are bench testing the electronics and it’s not working or one part of it is not working as you expected. I get quite a few questions from all over the … Continued
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How to Compile the Firmware for the GRBL Mega

Try the easy way first Only use this option if you have some experience at compiling firmware with the Arduino IDE. Please use the pre-compiled firmware. All the setting can be changed in the Windows CNC controller program if you … Continued
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MKS Gen L 4 axis foam cutter

Use the MKS Gen L V1.0 Board for CNC Foam

What is an MKS Gen L V1.0 Board The USB CNC hot wire foam cutter design I released in July 2019 is based on Arduino 2560 with a RAMPS 1.4 board. You can buy each one separately and then join … Continued
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Calibrating the Hot Wire CNC Foam cutter steps per mm

Calibrating the Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter

Why do we need to calibrate the CNC foam cutter? There are two calibrations we need to do on the CNC Foam Cutter. Setting the current for the driver modules Check the Steps per Millimetre (Steps/MM) The driver modules need … Continued
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Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutters You Can Buy Today

I quite often get asked can I supply CNC Foam Cutters as a kit. For several reasons, I can’t produce a self-assembly kit. So are there any kits you can purchase? Yes, there are a few Hot Wire CNC Foam … Continued
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Easy Way to Upload CNC Foam Cutter Firmware

This is an easy way the upload the Arduino firmware for the CNC Foam cutter using a Windows application called XLoader. Since releasing the build for the USB HotWire CNC Foam Cutter I’ve had quite a few guys contact me … Continued
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GRBL HotWire Mega 5X

GRBL HotWire Mega 5X for CNC Foam Cutters

Controller Software for 4 axis CNC Foam Cutters This is the GRBL HotWire Mega5X firmware and software update for USB Foam Cutter build on this website. Initially, it used software and firmware adapted by Daniel Rascio from GRBL-Panel and GRBL … Continued
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cnc logos

What Controller Software can I use for CNC

In this article, I’ll discuss 4 software solutions can be used for CNC Foam cutters that I’ve used with the pros and cons. With this information, you should be able to decide which one is best for you. CNC Foam … Continued
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6 Solutions for Mach3 Obsolete Parallel Port

The parallel port has been discontinued on PC’s for several years now.  It was mainly used to connect a PC to a printer.  Mach3 was designed to use this port to send the step, direction pulse to the CNC controller … Continued
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